Janey's Restrained Elegance photosets and videos



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Cuffed Against Her Will

Keywords: barefoot, bedroom, handcuffs, leg irons, metal bondage, tape gag, nude

Photoset (73 photos) starring Janey added 12 November 2014

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Bondage Wednesdays

Keywords: girlgirl, rope bondage, satin, blonde, silk, brunette, lesbian, lingerie, stockings, corset, topless, ungagged

Video (166 photos and 07:12 minute video) starring Hannah Claydon, Ariel Anderssen and Janey added 25 October 2014

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Cowboy Builders

Keywords: rope bondage, barefoot, humiliation, topless, uniform

Photoset (109 photos) starring Janey added 22 September 2014

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Looking Like A Million Dollars

Keywords: ballgag, barefoot, satin, spreader bar, metal bondage, collar, dress

Photoset (53 photos) starring Janey added 9 August 2014

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Russian vs. American

Keywords: ballgag, rope bondage, girlgirl, barefoot, bedroom, nude

Video (54 photos and 04:56 minute video) starring Janey and Katy Cee added 10 July 2014