Bondage Photography Tutorials

Date: Saturday 1st May 2010 (11:00 to 17:00) Ariel

Model: Ariel Anderssen


Cost: 200

Deposit: 50 deposit is required to secure your place at the tutorial. Should you need to pull out, the deposit will only be refunded if I can find someone to fill your place.


Expert Tuition and hands-on help from Restrained Elegance
photographer Hywel Phillips.

Each topic we cover will be introduced by a brief talk, followed by shooting sessions to see what it means when you actually take a photo.

We'll look at the shots on the studio PC as we make changes and get a feel for what it all means to your final photo.

It's all about the light!

Photography is all about light, and studio lighting is the most controllable and flexible lighting source there is.

Participation is limited to four people so we can tailor the day's activities to the interests and experience of the people on the course. Typically that would include some of the following topics:

  • Bondage rigging: how to tie a girl up safely and securely
  • What does a camera actually DO?
  • First steps: taking the camera off automatic
  • What do the settings on the dial mean?
  • I know what shutter speed, aperture, ISO and so on are... what difference do they make in the look and feel of a photo?
  • Lenses and focal lengths
  • Lighting from square one: a darkened room and one light
  • Using a flash meter
  • Adding a second light: lighting ratios
  • The colour of light
  • White balance, gels, colour correction and creative effects
  • The QUALITY of light: hard lights, soft lights
  • Using light formers: umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes, honeycombs, etc.
  • Three lights: key, fill and hairlight
  • Reflectors and black light
  • Lots of light: high key
  • A little light in the right place: low key
  • Lighting patterns and advanced lighting techniques

Restrained Elegance's Resident Slavegirl!

You've seen her on the site and on the forum, now you can tie her up and take photos of her- our very own Ariel Anderssen.

Want to take photos like these of her?

You can! These photos were taken by members of the site who have attended our tutorialsl!


ariel ariel
ariel ariel
ariel ariel


General Information


You are very welcome to bring your own camera, but if you want to borrow one, a digital SLR will be available on the day to borrow at no extra cost.

If you have a card reader for your camera, please bring it along as the studio PC has card readers for some formats but not all and it would be nice to be able to look at your shots full size as we go along.

If you are a traditionalist you are welcome to bring a film camera, although using a digital camera makes it much easier to see the results on the day!

Cameras and Studio Lights

There won't be much daylight around in Winter. We'll therefore be using the studio lights.

Not all compact cameras are suitable for working with studio flash: if you use their built-in flash to trigger the studio flash, you must be able to turn off all the pre-flashes or the camera triggers the studio flash at the wrong time. If your camera doesn't trigger the flashes properly you can borrow a studio digital SLR.

SLRs and compacts with a hot shoe flash connection usually work fine.

Use of Photos

If you just want to shoot the photos for yourself you can of course just take them away at the end of the day.

Usually though we share everyone's photos and burn a DVD of all the shots taken on the day. If you are willing we may showcase the best photos on the site, too, so your photos will be on Restrained Elegance!

Important Notes

Although I will do everything in my capacity to make sure the day goes as planned, I cannot guarantee it will be completely as advertised. If the model cannot make it (even bondage models get the flu sometimes) I will do my utmost to find a replacement model for the day. If any changes happen I will email everyone as soon as I can.

All shoots are done on the understanding that the model's safety and well-being come first. No photo is worth risking injury so all activiities on the day are strictly within the model's limits and she has the absolute right to get untied or stop any shoot immediately.

It probably goes without saying, but please remember the models are professionals. If you are invited to help rig the bondage, you will discover a certain amount of physical contact is unavoidable. But there is a big difference between rigging a tie and having a grope- and Ariel and I know the difference! Please act respectfully. We reserve the right to ask someone to leave if they repeatedly act in an inappropriate manner.

All participants take part at their own risk.


Payment Information

To secure your place, please email to check whether places are still available. I will then ask you to send a 50 deposit, I can accept UK cheques or postal orders (don't send cash as it might go missing in the post). I can also accept payment online by PayPal or bank transfer, please email me for payment details.

The remaining amount is payable on the day in cash, by cheque, or postal order, by PayPal or by bank transfer.


Location: Restrained Elegance Studios, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Tutorials will take place at the Restrained Elegance studios in Reading. Address and details will be sent to participants once we have received your deposit.