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Azuray 1

original: approx 10" x 12" pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $200

Purchase A4 print: $40

Unusually for me, I drew this image based on a single photo which I happened across on Usenet. I didn't even know her name. Photo credit was Dan Hawke, who I contacted to ask the identity of the model. This is what he replied:

"The model in this drawing is Azuray.  Sadly we are no longer in touch and in fact, she may have quit the modeling business altogether.  But she was one of my earliest models and was, in fact, my first 'favorite' model and a genuine source of inspiration to me starting out."

That's a damn shame if you ask me, but Azuray- we hope you're having a good time, wherever you are! If you even happen across this page, there's at least two of us who found the look in your eyes an inspiration.

Many thanks to Dan Hawke of for permission to base images on his photos. I hope Azuray doesn't mind. If you do, contact me and I will of course take the page down at once.

Azuray 2

original: approx A3 pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $400

Purchase A4 print: $40

Purchase A3 print: $80


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