Do you accept commissions?

Yes- with some caveats. I am not an artist by profession, so I work to certain limitations. I draw to enjoy myself and I will only take on commissions that interest me. I cannot guarantee to produce work to very tight deadlines.

I rely on reference photographs heavily when I work. If you live somewhere near me (I live near London, in Great Britain) I can take reference photos myself. Otherwise you will have to provide them.

  • I need a really good set of reference photographs to work from: a dozen or so ideally.
  • They have to have a good level of detail; if digital they need to be at least 1024x768 (and ideally much bigger).
  • They must be very sharp and detailed. The lighting and exposure are not too critical.
  • The photographer or person who has the rights to the photos must agree to my basing illustrations upon them.
  • The model must agree to my using her likeness.
  • The model must (of course) be an adult.

The fee will depend on how many portraits you want, how soon you need them and whether you need me to take the reference photos. Please e-mail me to discuss prices.





ll have to negotiate.

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