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Sizes: A4 is approx. 8.3" x 11.7" / 21cm x 30 cm) and A3 is approx 11.7" x 16.5" / 30 cm x 42 cm.

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Jewel Evans 1

original: approx 10" x 12" pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $300

Purchase A4 print: $40

Jewel Evans is a blonde bombshell who originally worked in New York but has recently headed for the West Coast in the company of number-one bondage maestro Jim Weathers. I thought one might find it a little... distracting to have Jewel looking up at one like that when tying her up and taking photographs. But no, it wasn't so. When the bondage gear came out, she sort shimmied and wiggled a little until she was comfortable and then settled down for the long haul with a cute little sigh.

Jewel3.jpg was a new departure (actually going back to a technique I haven't used in best part of a decade). It was done in transparent inks on tinted watercolour paper, applied with a number 5 brush, with a few extra highlights and details added in pastel. I think it looks OK, and Jewel said she liked it, so I think we mark it as an experiment worth repeating. What do you think? e-mail me!

Jewel Evans 2

original: approx A4 coloured pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $300

Purchase A4 print: $40

Jewel Evans 3

original: approx A3 inks on tinted watercolour paper

Purchase original: Sorry, in Jewel's own collection!

Purchase A4 print: $40

Purchase A3 print: $80


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