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Sizes: A4 is approx. 8.3" x 11.7" / 21cm x 30 cm) and A3 is approx 11.7" x 16.5" / 30 cm x 42 cm.

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Molly Matthews 2

original: approx A4 pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $200

Purchase A4 print: $40

Molly is one of those models who seems to have unlimited range including Fashion, High Art, Ultra-Fetish, Sleaze Merchant, Love Bondagette and Filthy Slavegirl.

I've met Molly a couple of times now. The first time, when I was definitely a fumbling amateur at the whole photography thing, she was gracious enough to pose for me anyway. Molly was the first pro model I worked with and I found her ability to produce pose after pose each time she heard the shutter whirr amazing.

More recently, we did a long and fairly strenuous bondage shoot. She's even cuter in real life than in photos, and we had a good gossip as well as shooting. She liked my direction where I was telling her the story behind the shoot as the voice in her character's head, although she did insist on imitating my accent whenever I said "right". That made it a lot easier to be mean to her for the sake of getting some good photos later in the shoot- have a look at the new photo and you'll see what I mean.

She's elegant, she's gorgeous, she's a delight to talk to and she's great to hang out with. Though next time let's pick a restaurant where our lives aren't in quite so much imminent danger, OK? She's also possibly the kinkiest human being on the face of the planet, but you didn't hear me say that.

Molly has a superb site at

Molly Matthews 3

original: approx A4 pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: SOLD

Purchase A4 print: $40

Molly Matthews 4

original: approx A3 pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $400

Purchase A4 print: $40

Purchase A3 print: $80

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