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Sizes: A4 is approx. 8.3" x 11.7" / 21cm x 30 cm) and A3 is approx 11.7" x 16.5" / 30 cm x 42 cm.

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Stacy Burke 2

original: approx 7" x 10" pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $300

Purchase A4 print: $40

Stacy was my first bondage shoot in Los Angeles. I was pretty nervous, because I didn't quite know if the protocol for shoots was going to be the same and I didn't want to make a total faux-pas. I didn't have to worry. Stacy was such FUN to work with!! She got into the characters and the costumes effortlessly, as befits a Troma film starlet she also had no trouble with the sort of over-the-top acting expressions I asked her to do for me. Boundless energy, a mischievous grin and a whole heap of sex appeal, all packed into a very trim and extremely cute package.

The best quote I've heard describing her is "like a living cartoon of herself"! That may sound a little uncharitable but is meant with great affection- I've never heard anyone say a negative word about her.

Now I've finally got some decent reference photos of my own to work from, I hope to draw a lot more of Stacy. I chose a rather more elegant look for her than most photographers seem to. I hope your jaw will hit the floor when you see how fantastic she looks. I promised to send her that red ballgown we used because she liked it so much. But it made her look like a glamourous film star so I only promised to send it when she won an Oscar!

She's got a great site at and the reference photos came from there and from Bondage by Request- thanks to Stacy and Jim Martin for their kind permission.

Stacy Burke 3

original: approx A3 pencil on watercolour paper

Purchase original: $500

Purchase A4 print: $40

Purchase A3 print: $80


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