Lilith's Restrained Elegance photosets and videos



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From Bad To Worse

Keywords: girlgirl, barefoot, satin, hogtie, shackles, leg irons, cloth gag, metal bondage, ungagged, uniform

Photoset (86 photos) starring Delta and Lilith added 1 April 2024

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Top Kitty

Keywords: rope bondage, girlgirl, barefoot, satin, blonde, blouse, silk, skirt, brunette, lesbian, cloth gag, pencil skirt, ungagged

Photoset (121 photos) starring Lilith and Zarina added 29 March 2024

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Captive Warrior

Keywords: rope bondage, barefoot, suspension, dress, ungagged

Photoset (87 photos) starring Lilith added 10 January 2024