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All models are over 18 years of age, and all enjoy and consent to the activities found here. No-one is harmed in any way or put into any real danger (actual, implied or simulated). Full safety precautions are always taken- and we have some tutorials and advice inside to help you do bondage safely, too!

About Us

Restrained Elegance has been online since 2001. It is run by real-life bondage couple Hywel Phillips (fetish photographer) and Joceline Phillips (professional model) who plays a character called Ariel Anderssen on the site .

It is an online magazine featuring romantic BDSM fiction storylines brought to life in photos, videos and traditional artwork.

It is also a fetish photography community: check out

Hywel's blog for more

If you are interested in doing bondage yourself, check out our:

Basic Bondage Safety Information