Restrained Elegance Terms and Conditions


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Restrained Elegance Terms and Conditions

Your purchase of access to the website grants you access to the members' area of the site. You may download and store the materials found there for your own use only. You hereby undertake not distribute the materials to others, or to use them for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without written permission. Your access to the website is for you and you alone- it is not transferrable to others. You may not display any of the materials from the website publicly (e.g. on your own website) without written permission. You may not modify or alter materials from the website without permission, or use altered versions for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

Termination of contract

We reserve the right to terminate your access to the website without compensation should the above conditions be breached.

Recurring subscriptions

Recurring subscriptions grant access to the site on a rolling basis, usually for 30 days at a time. At the start of the subscription, your card will be debited with an initial amount to cover the first 30 days access to the site. After 30 days, and every 30 days thereafter, a further charge will be made to your card to cover the next subscription period. In order to stop this automatic rebilling, you must cancel your subscription at the designated processor's online cancellation facility, or via the "Cancel" link from the members' home page. Please give seven days advance notice when cancelling the rebilling. Until a cancellation request is issued, you hereby authorize our designated processor to charge your credit card for the ongoing cost of access to the site. In case of problems, please email

Non-recurring subscriptions

These subscriptions are one-time payments granting access to the site for a certain period of time. You will not be rebilled. At the end of the subscription term you must join the site again to continue to have access.


Refunds will only be issued if the username/password issued has not been used to access the site, or in the case of fraudulent use of credit cards. Once the username/password has been used to access the site, no part refunds for unused membership time will be issued. Any refunds will be issued only as credit to the original card used to make the purchase.



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